Publish a Data Package on Datahub

In this guide, we'll take a look at how to publish a data package using the data CLI tool.

To learn more about what a Data Package is and how to create one check out this detailed tutorial.

Publishing a Data Package

Now, we want to publish our Data Package with the world, to do that, we need to use the Data CLI command data push:

$ data push --public
Completed: scripts/
Completed: datapackage.json
Completed: archive/source.csv
  Uploading [******************************] 100% (0.0s left)   archive/source.csv🙌  your data is published!
🔗 (copied to clipboard)

The Data Package is now stored online and you and your colleagues can access it using the browser:

That's it. Our goal is reached! We have published a Data Package online using the Data CLI tool.

Thanks for reading.