Publishing Geospatial Data as Data Packages

Publishing your Geodata as Data Packages is very easy.

You have two options for publishing your geodata:

  • Geo Data Package (Recommended). This is a basic Data Package with the requirement that data be in GeoJSON and with a few special additions to the metadata for geodata. See the next section for instructions on how to do this.
  • Generic Data Package. This allows you to publish geodata in any kind of format (KML, Shapefiles, Spatialite etc). If you choose this option you will want to follow the standard instructions for packaging any kind of data as a Data Package.

We recommend Geo Data Package if that is possible as it makes it much easier for you to use 3rd party tools with your Data Package. For example, the data package viewer on this site will automatically preview a Geo Data Package.

Note: this document focuses on vector geodata – i.e. points, lines polygons etc (not
imagery or raster data).

Geo Data Packages


Exemplar Geo Data Package

Demonstrates multipolygon and point geometry

View it with the Data Package Viewer

Traffic signs of Hansbeke, Belgium

Example of using point geometries with described properties in real world situation.

View it with the Data Package Viewer