Economic Data

A collection of economic indicators available on DataHub.

On this page, we summarize all available economic data (or economic statistics) on DataHub. Users can find various examples of economic indicators or explore data by country. The page is curated and updated on regular basis so don't forget to bookmark it!

Basic economic data

Following datasets can be considered as basic economic indicators:

  • GDP - Country, Regional and World GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
  • CPI - Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) for most countries in the world.
  • Inflation - Annual inflation by GDP deflator and consumer prices.
  • Population - Population figures for countries, regions (e.g. Asia) and the world.
  • Cash Surplus Deficit - Cash Surplus/Deficit, in % of GDP, from 1990 to 2013.
  • Other Economic Data

US economic data

Economic indicators for the United States:

  • GDP - Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States (US) both nominal and real on an annual and quarterly basis.
  • Employment - US Employment and Unemployment rates since 1940.
  • CPI - US Consumer Price Index and Inflation (CPI).
  • Bond Yields - 10 year US Government Bond Yields (long-term interest rate).
  • House Prices - US House Price Index (Case-Shiller).
  • Household Incomes - Income Limits for Each Fifth and Top 5 Percent of All Households: 1967 to 2016.
  • Investor Flow of Funds - US Investor Flow of Funds into Investment Classes (Bonds, Equities etc).
  • Education Budget - US Education Budget Analysis.

UK economic data

Economic indicators for the United Kingdom:

  • GDP - UK Real GDP since 1948 from the Office of National Statistics.
  • Bond Yields - 10 year nominal yields on UK government bonds from the bank of England.
  • House Prices - UK house prices since 1953 as monthly time-series.
  • Interest Rates - Interest Rate since 1694 from Bank of England.

World Bank data

World Bank is a one of the best sources of different datasets including economic data. Please, read the following article about World Bank data collections, API and more:


International Monetary Fund (IMF)

IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO) database. The source database is made of annual values for each country on 45 indicators since 1980. In addition the database includes the IMF projects approximately 6 years into the future.


Other economic data and indicators