We have some important updates re Datahub.io!

Yoana Popova

Yoana Popova

Rufus Pollock

Rufus Pollock

Hi there,

We’d like to let you know about some upcoming changes to DataHub.io! We’re actively working on DataHub after a period when things were a bit quiet.

🏗️ Upcoming Improvements

We’ve got some big plans which we will be sharing about in future mails. For now, the main thing to know is that we are planning a full upgrade of the experience. If you're interested in getting early access to the new experience, click the button below:

Join our Early Access Waitlist

🚩 Important Changes

Today, what we wanted to flag is that:

Signup will be disabled (for a little while)

Part of the upgrade will involve upgrading the current signup / login functionality (which as some of you may have noticed has been having some issues). As such, we will be disabling the signup functionality over the next few weeks.

Login (on the site) may also be affected

Because of the way current DataHub.io is designed this may also affect login so we wanted to flag this to you so you are aware.

We want to emphasize that throughout the upcoming phase of upgrades and improvements your data won’t be touched and will remain safe and sound!


Rufus Pollock, Ola Rubaj and the DataHub Team